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Drivers are the main protagonists in the game,there are 10 drivers in beach buggy racing, each one have a special power that can be used one time a race (if you restarted a race or finished a race and played again,you can use the special power).

Drivers are able to drive cars during races. They are also able to use Powerups.When a driver pass away another driver, he/she raises their right hand.They also gives a bye to the driver. During the start of the game, they sometimes itches their head. Drivers also jumps ahead when the countdown says GO. For the player to do that, they need to wait until the countdown say three dots. Then they must press the powerup button at the right moment it says GO [Note if you do it too early, it won't work]. When the player is shot using a powerup, they will jump out of the car and drop on the ground. On the other side, the car will get flipped. On the bottom, it will say which driver has shot the player along with what powerup or effects, which reads as: Driver=Powerups. After sometime, the driver will blink for 5 seconds.

List of Drivers[]

Drivers That can Be Used Everyday[]

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